GoPod GoFurther

The GoPod solution employs patent-pending technology and serves as a one-stop sales and rental center. Unlike many other lockers on the market, GoPod’s solution is networked, allowing flexible interface opportunities and remote reporting.

Complimentary Lockers

Best Lockers’ electronic lockers provide a unique storage environment where users can quickly secure their personal belongings. This innovative solution combines user-friendly, digital locking systems with various size locker cabinets. The simple to operate locking system allows users to create a unique PIN code to lock and unlock the door. A new PIN code can be employed for each lock-down and open transaction.

Electronic Safes

Safemark, Best Lockers’ parent company, has paved the way for in-room safe technology combining innovative designs with user-friendly operation. With an impressive installation base of nearly one million safes, Safemark’s extensive portfolio includes locations from New York’s famous Waldorf Astoria to economy hotels on the other side of the globe.


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